Proposal Support services across campus collaborate to develop and offer workshops for researcher professional development that include grant writing, budgeting basics, etc.

Grant Budgeting Basics (2021)

  • Includes budgeting basics (line item budgets)
  • Allowable costs
  • Other considerations
    • Award acceptance
    • Pending index
    • Postaward grant management
    • No cost extension

​Grant writing basics

  • Finding funding
  • College support
  • Formula for success
  • Proposal preparation
  • Grant statistics
  • Budgeting basics

Auxiliary Documents

  • Biosketchs
  • Current and pending
  • Collaborator documents (conflict of interest)
  • Data Management Plant
  • etc

Strong Figures, Timelines, Tables

  • Guest panelists (Senior Graphic Designer, successful project investigators
  • Timelines, writing for an audience, white space