Some grant writing services are listed below. These come from prior faculty experience at OSU. If you would like to have your grant writer added, please send the name and contact information to Bettye: madduxb [at] oregonstate dot edu

  • A excellent local Corvallis Editor is Ann Greenberger at Greenline Editing: She has 25 years of experience as an academic editor.
  • Donn Forbes: df at
  • Joe Trato:
  • Pranali Pathare (focuses on biomedical sciences):
  • Editing Press -  a group of published junior academics from Oxford and Cambridge universities who are also professional editors
  • Gail Easton -  services include: proposal planning; persuasive messaging; program planning and strategic advice; editing, writing, rewrites; complex large team project management; compliance checks; and, review team leadership. 


Online resources at OSU

OSU's Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) course: "NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Proposals". Solidify your NSF Graduate Research Propopsal and begin to learn the art of writing well. Link: