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Office of Research Integrity | Research Office | Oregon State University 
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Dear OSU research community,

We are excited to share that Cayuse Human Ethics (HE) is now live!  All IRB applications will now be submitted in Cayuse HE. As a reminder, all research projects involving human subjects must be submitted for IRB review. Projects must be approved by the IRB or receive an exempt determination prior to initiating any study activities, including recruitment or analysis of existing data.  

  • Researchers are now able to submit new IRB applications in Cayuse HE!
  • Researchers with email-based studies should now submit applications in Cayuse to replace their legacy studies
  • Eligible iRIS studies are in the process of being migrated into Cayuse HE by the HRPP team 
  • iRIS will still be accessible in “read-only” status for researchers who wish to access copies of their legacy studies

The HRPP will offer Cayuse Tech help drop-in hours via Zoom for researchers needing technical assistance with Cayuse HE. These Zoom drop-in hours will be held Monday through Thursday 9:00 – 10:00 AM and 1:00 – 2:00 PM. Researchers with more detailed questions about their studies or the IRB review process are asked to request a separate advising appointment

The Cayuse HE Transition website has more information on the transition process and migration of studies. The HRPP website also offers information about the Transition to Cayuse HEadvising appointmentsnew application instructions, and FAQs to help researchers navigate the submission process. If you have any questions about Cayuse HE or the transition process, please email

In addition, we are in the process of modernizing the Cayuse Sponsored Programs platform to provide a better proposal submission experience and full integration with the Cayuse Human Ethics and Outside Interests modules.  We look forward to offering a better proposal submission experience soon.

No other modules will be implemented at this time, so operations for the care and use of animals (i.e., IACUC), biosafety (i.e., IBC), and other programs will continue without change.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Christopher Viggiani, PhD, Associate Vice President for Research Integrity
Oregon State University | Research Office  |