Grant submission timeline for the College of Science and OSRAA

OSU's list for incoming researchers

At a minimum

3+ months (especially for big, collaborative proposals)
  • Pull the team together as applicable
  • Develop a timeline for proposal writing, review, and logistics (Cayuse record and review, budget development, biosketches, current and pending, etc).
  • Contact Proposal Support for assistance on logistics
2-3 months before the deadline
  • Meet with Proposal Support to discuss proposal needs. (This can be done via email, phone or in-person meeting).
  • Work with Proposal Support to create a checklist of all items needed such as proposal support letters, subcontractor documents, cost sharing agreements, etc
  • Create the Cayuse Record
1-2 months before the deadline
  • Complete Cayuse SP (and 424 where applicable), attach necessary files needed for approvals
    • Budget and justification
    • Draft research plan (note: you can continue to work on the research plan)
    • Cost share agreements, if applicable
    • Subcontractor documents, if applicable
      • Budget
      • budget justification
      • Statement of Work (SOW)
      • Letter of Intent from the subcontractor's organization (for NIH proposals, this should include a conflict of interest statement)
5-7 days before the deadline
  • Submit Cayuse SP for routing. This is very important. It can take a few days to get signatures and OSRAA requires 3 days to review after all units have authorized the proposal.
  • Create proposal in the sponsor's website (e.g. Fastlane) as applicable
3-5 days before the deadline
  • Upload all pieces of the proposal to the sponsor website. You can continue working on the technical proposal and references.
  • Reach out to Proposal Support for any logistical pieces you might need assistance with at this point, so you can focus on writing.
1-3+ days before the deadline
  • Review and reply on comments from OSRAA
  • Upload any remaining proposal pieces
1+ day(s) before
  • After OSRAA approval, notify OSRAA at when your proposal is ready to be submitted, if submitting via sponsor's website.
  • OSRAA will not submit your proposal without your explicit permission.