Summer research students in the CSMC

Do you have an REU or similar program to support undergraduate summer research in your lab or center? Are you recruiting non-OSU students to campus for the summer and want to offer them access to OSU facilities? 

Some students want access to Dixon, some need access to computers or computer labs and all students need access to the Valley Library. Below is a guide that may be helpful.

Dixon Rec Center

Non OSU students are charged a fee, usually between $80-100 for the summer. Most of the students we've worked with don't have a problem with the fee, but for those who do need assistance, the program or department might be able to assist with the cost. It would be useful to consider adding the cost into a proposal.

The Valley Library

We’ve generally found librarians to be very helpful after they are informed that the students are participants in a summer research program. Students will be issued temporary community cards (similar to what they do for non-OSU affiliated community members that wish access to Valley Library resources). There might be a fee associated with it, so it would be good to check with the Library in advance.

Computer access

Most students bring their own laptop or will if reminded. The library card creates access to community computers (that are open to non-OSU-affiliates), so solving the library issue should also solve the computer issue. Some departments maintain an open-access central computer facility for students, so check with your department. Students should be able to access the COSINe HPC facility as well.